Makiyaki Brings Japan to Your Home

With the onset of the internet, we Kagay-anons have been exposed to the sights and sceneries of international hot-spot destinations. Photos from tourist attractions posted by travelling friends (either for business or pleasure) flood our newsfeed. We can’t help but feel envy and wish we could bask in the pleasures of that locale.

One of these places on the top of my list is Japan. Boasting its history and culture through its rich architecture and literature, I can’t help but feel drawn to it. Sometimes, I daydream that perhaps in another life I was a geisha who entertained foreign dignitaries and served tea and sushi.

I was so glad that we, CdeO foodie bloggers, were invited by Ms. Lanyah Asombrado, owner of Makiyaki Caters, to sit down and try out their menu. By the sound of the name, I knew I was gonna be presented with Japanese food! I felt Japan was calling me. (Wait, why am I romanticizing this?)

We got a chance to see how they set up their client’s birthday party. They had an hour to prepare before the party started. I noticed that there were only two people acting as staff but both were efficient. They skirted the tables and placed decorative flower pots as center pieces. The buffet table even had a miniature geisha and a couple of small Japanese paper umbrellas. There was a mishap at some point but they quickly patched things up. They finished setting up a couple of minutes before the said event even started. That's a thumbs up for being able to deal with any crisis.  

We proceeded to have supper at Ms. Lanyah’s brother’s place. Upon seeing the buffet, I noticed the food was well-presented. All were colorful. The sushis were practically on a pedestal. Makiyaki boasts of its sushi and rightfully so. It was well-made and firm. I relished the sea-weed wrap, sticky rice, pickle, and a hint of mayonnaise as I chewed. It achieved the richness and simplicity sushis are famous for.

Makiyaki doesn’t just serve Japanese food but also offers Filipino party staples like lechon, beef tapa, caldereta, etc. For inquiries you can text or call 09274163275 and 09201747250 or PM them via Facebook

The next time you think of whipping up a party, give Makiyaki Caters Cagayan de Oro a call.