Ribs and Bibs: The Classy Rustic Restaurant


I first heard of Ribs and Bibs when a friend of mine posted a picture of himself wearing a cellophane bib. It was pretty ridiculous – a grown man wearing a bib with his mouth smeared with barbeque sauce. He had a huge smile on his face, too. Eventually, a lot of my friends have been posting photos of themselves with the satisfied glow on their faces.

Imagine my excitement when the foodies of CdeO.ph were invited to have lunch there! By the time I came, the food was already set and some of my fellow foodies were already digging in. They also had that same glow I saw on those photos I told you about.  Eventually, I realized that was the oil coming from eating the succulent baby-back ribs. Haha!

Of course, our table had the house specialty – the baby-back ribs. It was placed at the far end of the table and because I was late, I was shy to even ask to pass me the ribs. So, I started with the side dishes which were within my arm's reach. I must say, I loved the coleslaw and tropical salsa. I recently noticed that I’m more inclined to eat anything sour. You could say I’m a sour tooth (is that even a thing?). Their fries were made from sweet potatoes. In all honesty, I’d rather have sweet potato fries than spuds. It’s not because it’s much healthier (really, I think that ship has sailed) but it has a subtle taste that still shined even when I dipped it into the other sides. 

But my golly, when I finally had the taste of those ribs, I heard angels sing hallelujah. It was that good.

The wait staff was very accommodating. Whenever we’d request for anything, they’d quickly come to our table and attend to our needs. Or maybe I had my food goggles on that’s why everybody there seemed so kind. Delicious food makes me happy and changes my perspective in life.

The ambience was sleek and clean with a rustic hint. Furniture was made out of hardwood and leather which gave this hacienda feel. Black and white color combos gave the place this modern edge. Walls were filled with old pictures of Cagayan de Oro in the early 20th century. I can’t help but feel like it was a photo gallery. Plus, they have an open kitchen. Not only are you assured that the food is well-made, you also get to see the chefs in action. They also have a function area open for reservations.

All in all, my experience at Ribs and Bibs was satisfying. The food was decadent. The service wasn’t sloppy. The place gave off this classy rustic vibe. Although, for someone who earns a little over the minimum wage, I’d probably dine here for special occasions - like celebrating the launch of my debut novel, perhaps? Wishful thinking!

For reservation and inquiries, you can contact Ribs and Bibs Facebook page or call (088) 880 7783 or 0917 309 9404.