Seafood and More at Red Tail

Red Tail's catchy name caught my attention. I've always wanted to eat there. No luck on the first branch. They opened the second branch and I really wanted to eat there. Again, no luck. And then the foodies got invited to try their food. Yey!!!! 

For those who have not yet been to Red Tail --- it is famous for their seafood in a skillet with its signature sauce. They are also known for not having dinner plates for customers to eat on.  They put wax paper on the table and making a mess on it is considered part of the Red Tail fun. If I am not mistaken, this is the first restaurant in Cagayan de Oro to give out bibs to its customers and encourages its clients to eat with bare hands. This is really cool for us Pinoys who attack our seafood with bare hands at home.  

Like I said, their specialty is the seafood in a skillet with their signature sauce and corn cobs. The variants are: Fisherman’s Catch (crab, shrimp, squid and mussels); all Crab; all Shrimp; and all local Mussels. All these are priced according to variant and weight in pounds. Their signature sauce comes in four (4) variants. We tried the Red Tail Style Sauce –-- spicy butter garlic. Speaking of spicy, you can also ask the crew to make the sauce non-spicy, mild, spicy or extra spicy. We tried the mild one but it still gave our taste buds a delicious kick. It’s really great! And, you will really ask for more rice.

Even though that they specialize in seafood, they also serve meat dishes. We tried the grilled pork belly and the Salt and Pepper Chicken Wings which also taste great. I also recommend that you try also the (cheesy) Baked Mussels and Seafood Chowder to add to your order. On my next visit I will try the Kinilaw and Tuna Belly. foodie Jay's Verdict of the place:

Ambience = 5/5 

Crew = 5/5 

Over-all Experience = 5/5

Would we recommend Red Tail to Kagay-anons? YES!

Red Tail Cagayan de Oro has two (2) branches: Red Tail in Papa Juanito's Square (near Robinsons Place LKK and Mallberry Suites) and the other one, Red Tail in Velez-T.Chavez (in front of Juan Sia Bldg.)